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According to the user's instructions, Chengtong Netdisk provides information network storage space for uploading and disseminating works, and has always attached great importance to the protection of network copyright and other intellectual property rights. According to the relevant laws and regulations, Chengtong Netdisk takes measures against network infringement. The following copyright policy:

  • Chengtong Network Disk has a reasonable and prudent obligation to protect online copyrights. When there are reasons to believe that there is a work that obviously infringes the copyright of any third party, it has the right to delete the suspected infringing work at any time without prior notice.
  • After receiving a copyright notice that meets the statutory requirements, Chengtong Netdisk will promptly delete the allegedly infringing works.
  • Chengtong Network Disk takes necessary technical measures to prevent the re-uploading of the same infringing works as much as possible.
  • For users who have evidence to prove that they have repeatedly uploaded infringing works, Chengtong Network Disk has the right to stop providing technical services of network storage space to them at any time.

Copyright Complaint Procedure

The files stored in the Citycom network disk are uploaded and managed by users themselves. If you find that any uploader has violated your rights, please report it to us. Registering your complaint effectively will help us to remove the infringing content for you faster and disconnect the relevant links. In order to ensure that we accept your complaint request and disconnect the link within a reasonable time, please make a complaint strictly according to the following methods. If you encounter problems during the complaint process, please contact our online customer service immediately.

If you think that any content uploaded or disseminated by users through the information storage space provided by CityCom network disk infringes your right of information network dissemination or deletes or changes your rights management electronic information, you can submit online to CityCom network disk Submit a complaint application and submit a written notice to the online customer service staff (online chat system or QQ customer service) of Chengtong Netdisk, request Chengtong Netdisk to delete the work or disconnect the link to the work, and get a reply from the customer service staff or confirm. The notice needs to be signed by the right holder or its legal authorized person, and if it is a unit, it needs to be stamped with the official seal of the unit.

You can contact our live support at the following link: https://www.400gb.com/p/contact-us.

Personal copyright complaints

You can make a quick complaint by clicking the "Report" button at the top right of each file, including the reason for the complaint and the relevant proof in the description.

Corporate and institutional copyright complaints

You can make a quick complaint by clicking the "Report" button at the top right of each file, including the reason for the complaint and the relevant proof in the description.

If you complain about a lot of files, you can also contact our online customer service to delete them in batches, or send an infringing link through our customer service email.

We welcome enterprises and institutions to provide keyword databases that can accurately identify infringing works, which can be used for us to automatically delete infringing content. If you need to submit a keyword library to our keyword monitoring platform, please contact us.

Other ways

If you are in the process of complaining about illegal information or infringing content, the customer service staff ignores or neglects your opinion. You can also complain directly to our manager's office.

  • You can email our manager's office manager@kinghow.com.cn.
  • You can call our manager's office on duty: (+86) 400-032-5516 press 7.

Members of the manager's office are not website administrators and have no right to enter the background operation. However, members of the manager's office will urge the relevant staff to handle it for you as soon as possible. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact a member of the manager's office only if the customer service has been unanswered.

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